Up to 35% off meet and greet airport parking

Up to 25% off park and ride airport parking

Up to 18% off on-airport parking

Up to 25% off airport lounges

Life-time free access to our premium discount club

Cancellation cover included

Guaranteed secure airport parking

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem my Groupon voucher?

In order to redeem your Groupon code you will need to enter it in to the quote form above. You can click on the Verify Code button to make sure you have entered a valid Groupon code before you receive your quote.

Where can I find my Groupon Code?

The code will be on your Groupon Voucher and is sometimes referred to as "security code", "Groupon code" or "redemption code". If you have any issues finding it you can always use our verification field on the form above to check each code.

I purchased a VIP Lounge Pass from Groupon, how do I redeem?

If you purchased one of our VIP lounge passes in the last few months then please click here. Please note that this deal is no longer live, but you can still book if you have a voucher.

How do I get a refund?

If you have not yet redeemed your Groupon code then please contact Groupon for a refund of your voucher. If you have made a booking and need to cancel then please call us on email us at help@skyparkingservices.co.uk

What is the "Premium Discount Club?

Our Premium Discount Club is intended for frequent travellers looking for the best prices on airport parking, lounges and more. We've decided that as part of our Groupon deal we will give you free access to this exclusive club and its benefits for 12 months. You can find our more here.

Where can I purchase a Groupon Voucher?

If you would like to purchase one of our discount codes from Groupon them please click on this link