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Manchester Airport Parking

Pre-book your airport parking today and save up to 70% off gate prices


Looking for reliable and affordable parking at Manchester airport? Look no further! Here at Sky Parking Services we currently have 28 car parking options available at Manchester Airport, meaning there’s always a great choice of parking services no matter which of Manchester’s 3 terminals you are flying from.

We compare a wide range of airport parking products at Manchester Airport. With some great deals for the meet and greet service, park and ride and multi-story car parks. You can pre-book your parking with confidence knowing you got the best deal. In fact, by booking in advance you could save up to 60% on the prices charged to those arriving at the airport without a booking.

We recommend booking in advance to get the best price for airport parking. If you would like to discuss any of the prices on this site please either call us on 0330 1133 200 or email us at [email protected].

Manchester Airport Parking

As anyone who has traveled through Manchester Airport can attest to, traditionally parking is one of the least fun aspects of getting to the airport and starting the trip. With recently introduced drop-off charges proving costly for many travelers, it’s becoming more important than ever to look into the parking services available in order to avoid hefty fees once you arrive at the airport.

Luckily the rise of ‘Meet & Greet’, ‘Long Stay’ and ‘Short Stay parking is helping to turn that trend around. At Sky Parking Services we’re pleased to be able to offer a range of parking services to suit your needs and budget.

Meet and Greet Manchester Airport

One of the most popular options we have available, meet and greet parking takes away many of the stresses from airport parking. You won’t need to search for a space or get on a shuttle bus, simply drive to the drop off point at the Terminal and an operator will meet you, inspect your car and drive it to a secure car park for you. Leaving you to walk into the terminal and check-in completely stress-free

When you arrive at Manchester Airport all you need to do is drive into the inspection area, pull into the allocated lane and start taking the luggage out of your car. A meet and greet representative will then inspect your car and take your keys. Upon your return, the car will be waiting for you as you leave the terminal. We have some great deals for meet and greet terminal 1 Manchester too, just enter your details in the quote form above and get secure your parking today.

Manchester Airport Long Stay Parking

Going away for quite a while? Nobody wants to spend their extended break worrying about the security of their car. With long stay car parks available at terminal 1, 2 and 3 you can securely park your car whilst going on holiday. The convenient shuttle bus runs every 10 minutes from 3pm-10pm from the car park, with transfer times of around 4-5 minutes to get to the terminal on average.

Security is as big of a priority to us as it is to our customers. Thankfully, leaving your car has never been safer, Manchester airport’s long stay car park has been given the Park Mark awarded for its security features, so you know your car is in safe hands.

Manchester Airport Short Stay Parking

Using the multi-story car parks at Manchester is an easy way to park right next to the terminal. When you arrive at the entry barrier the camera will recognize your number plate, this will allow you entry to find a parking space.

The benefit of this type of parking is not only the secure parking but also that it is undercover, meaning you won’t get wet whilst unloading your bags and entering the terminal. Of course, you can arrive at the airport and use the multi-story car park without pre-booking, but by doing so you won’t be guaranteed a space and you could end up paying considerably more. We would definitely recommend that you book in advance to get the best deal using our search tool at the top of the page.

Compare Airport Parking Manchester

We compare prices for all of the best car parking options and providers at Manchester and stay up to date with the latest deals to bring you the lowest possible price. If you want to know more about discounts you can either join our discounts club or sign up for our newsletter to get cheap deals straight to your inbox every week.

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