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Are airport lounges really worth the money?

Mark Truluck | March 9th, 2020

We all know that travelling can be a tiring, stressful and often expensive experience, especially when you’re at the airport! That’s where an airport lounge can come in and save the day (a least for an hour or two before you fly) and provide you with a safe haven to sit, relax, eat and drink before jetting off. But are airport lounges worth it? With types of lounges to suit every traveller, we certainly think so, and here’s a few top reasons why:

You could actually SAVE money by using a lounge!

No, that’s not a typo, you could indeed save money by using a lounge if you compare the price of entry with the prices that you would have paid in the airport for food, drinks, things to keep you entertained and even wifi in some cases. With some lounge passes priced around the £25 mark, it’s not difficult to see how easily that amount could add up with the inflated prices in the terminal!

Space to relax

Overcrowded terminals are never fun, but if you book into an airport lounge you can swap the uncomfortable metal chairs of the departure lounge for something a lot more luxurious and enjoy a little more space to yourself. A perfect spot to enjoy another chapter of your book or to sit back and listen to some music.

Quality food and drink

If you say the words ‘airport food’ to most people, you’ll find that they are very rarely filled with excitement or enthusiasm at the prospect. The eateries at many airport terminals are notorious for poor quality food that’s either rushed out or takes an eternity to arrive! Book into a luxury lounge however, and your feelings about airport food will be completely changed. Food is freshly prepared providing you with a high quality, varied selection to indulge in. Fully stocked bars complete the experience with a range of premium drinks on offer.

So those are just a few reasons why booking into an airport lounge before your next flight is a fantastic idea. What’s more, an airport lounge pass may not cost as much as you think, especially if you book through Sky Parking Services. Use our search tool here to see how much you could save.