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What exactly is an Aiport Lounge?

If you’ve ever been to an airport you may have seen the signs pointing to the business or executive lounges in the terminal, and you might have found yourself wondering exactly what there is to be found behind those doors!

Far from your standard airport seating area, an airport lounge is a welcome escape from the busy terminal, and a much more relaxing place to wait before boarding your flight. Whilst there are a few different types of lounges that will cater to more specific needs, such as families, business or luxury travellers, the days of airport lounges only catering to business class flyers are long gone. Regardless of which kind of lounge you book, at the very least you can expect comfortable seating, wifi access and complimentary drinks and snacks included in your lounge pass price, making it the perfect place to unwind, catch up on emails or enjoy a pre-flight glass of wine!

So now you know that there’s an alternative to waiting it out in the terminal, you might be wondering how you go about getting the best pricel on an airport lounge booking. Luckily at Sky Parking Services we have a variety of options for airport lounges across terminals at all major UK airports. Head over to our homepage and click on lounges on our search form to find the best prices for your next trip.